All funding requests and deposits should be submitted to the RES PTO Treasurer and be accompanied by the appropriate signed, completed RES PTO form.  Electronic versions of these forms can be accessed through the links on this page.  Hard copies of these forms are maintained in the RES PTO slot in the RES mailroom.  Completed forms may be left for the Treasurer in the RES PTO slot of the RES mailroom.

Please keep in mind that tax will not be reimbursed for purchases, and purchases must be previously approved in the annual budget or at a monthly RES PTO meeting.  Tax exempt forms are accessible on this page and in the RES mailroom.  Backup and receipts must be attached to check and reimbursement requests.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the RES PTO Treasurer at 

PTO Check Request Form

PTO Deposit Request Form

PTO Reimbursement Request Form